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Trois_beaux_canards said:
good thing the UDT took they should.
I don't think they could blame El Quida for that one....

Hey MN guys, did you know you can shoot LIVE machine gun rounds here? They hold the event 2 times a year, I'll see if I can find it and post it up later. Yes you have to pay by the round. So shooting a BAR , you can rip through a belt in a hurry. Hmmm ever want to shoot a UZI? Or ride in a WW II tank? It was in the paper a year or 2 ago. I think end of April it is held, it might be a good reason for a gathering of the MN clan just north of the Cities :mrgreen:

I love things that go Boom! fircrackers, shotguns, machine guns, artillery, etc...:yes: Hey at least I left out the Nukes! :laughing:
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