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It is one of the best meat calls you can get, bar none. It isn't a loud call. His motto is "because a duck is only a three pound critter". He is all about sounding just like a duck. Keith doesn't HAIL ducks, he won't scream at them when they are 1000 yards away. He might not even call at them when they are 300 yards away if they don't look interested. He will however suck in a group of ducks if they have the misfortune of glancing his way.

It is a meat call, and you'll hear very few bad reviews on it. It will get down on the low end with the best of them, that is for certain. 90% of it is the driver though. Keith can get low end sounds out of a coke can.

I put a link in another thread that points to some sound files of Keith blowing a Pureduck. Listen to them and decide for yourself.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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