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key west fly fishing

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I will be vacationing in key west the 2nd week of march. Does anyone have any experience fly fishing that area. I have the equipment I could buy the flies, is there any bonefishing and such to be had without spending 600 per day for a guide?

anyone with any info I would greatly appreciate it, even if it is just the name of a local fly shop to ask some questions.

Thanks Mike
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Check out and Go to the forums part of the site. There are all kinds of folks that Fly fish and could point you in the right direction. Will you have access to a Flats boat or will you be wading? If you have a boat, I would recommend getting a "topspot" map from one of the local baitshops down there and studying it. As far as flys go, I would recommend somthing That looks like a Shrimp or Crab, but they'll have all that stuff down there. Between the map and asking questions on that FS website, you should be pretty well off. If you need a good flat to catch Permit on, let me know (boat needed) and I can put you in the right direction for those! The wind is pretty rough down there in march with the seasons changing. Let me know how it turns out, b/c Ill be toting the flats boat down there with my dad 22-29 of march....SPRING BREAK in keywest! lol gotta love it!
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