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Kiwis are swooned by prince

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So did you all lock up your beauties yesterday and for the next week or so? I heard Prince William was in town charming the girls. You Kiwis do not stand a chance with him around for the next week. :tounge: But you better watch out as after he is gone home home, as the ladies will be expecting the local lads to measure up to their new standards :yes:

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jeesss even the 56 yr olds are getting wobbly kneed... :eek:

:toofunny: :toofunny:

Thats great, and why I live in Alaska.......No one like that comes up here :salude:

We exceed those standards!!! :laughing:

No its all part of being comonwealth.

He came across to watch the british lions and New Zealand all blacks match
and well we absoulutly pumeled them to smitherines there was a good bit of biffo and blood too.

Go the all blacks!!!!!!!

And bring back the biff bro!!!!!

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Group hug! Stouff must have been there! :laughing:

Damn right!!

See I am secure w/ that area..... It just takes practice H2O :toofunny:

What is the time diference between you and the East Coast USA?

Im dyin to find out!
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Its 7:43 now ahhh gmt+12 first to see the sun BABY!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:
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