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As some of you know, every season i carve a deek for each kid in our hunting group, and right before the season we get together with pizzas and stuff ,and have the kids paint up their own deek, this year i was looking for something different to do, had the idea to have them build their own duck calls, i posted up on all the duck sites , and wrote to all the call companies, and got a response from buck gardner calls, with a really sweet kit with call, dvd, instruction sheet, and a sticker for a really great price, so i wrote back and said give me a price for 5 kits with shipping and all, and i havent heard back from them, yesterday UPS shows up with 5 kits donated for the kids, nice to see it not always about making a buck.
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greenster said:
:thumbsup: Thats great to hear... I was gonna tell yall his real name.. I came across it on a public government document the other day... I seen it when I was getting my "Waterfowl related business" name trademarked and registered. But since he has been nice... I'll be nice..

He really is a good guy though.. I talked to him for a few min. at mack's pw...

I may get his new DVD now..

see when you help a DHC member out... I give you my money lol..

(don't get any ideas)
I've bought some stuff off the classifieds. Money please.
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