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lab breeders

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do you guys know of any recommended lab breeders?
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How much are you looking to spend? Are you willing to get the pup from clear across the country?
i'll pay a fair amount of money as long as it's a good hunting dog and has a good background. i'd pay shipping costs b/c it'll be cheaper than driving to get it.
Try looking up Mark at

He is a great guy and stands behind his dogs/pups.


My family has gotten our last three English Labs (or show breed as some know them by. Basically shorter and stockier then your typical lab) from a breeder in our town--the last being mine (about a month a go). ... pic_id=459

beyond a doubt some of the smartest and most mild-mannered dogs we have ever owned or seen--even as puppies. at ten weeks my yellow (Gunny) retrieves like clock work and automatically hands and sits for the next throw. He knows: sit, lay down, and Here (in the process of perfecting) at 10 weeks.

All three of our dogs have been the same way. Intelligent, calm, & loving.
The breeder has excellent blood lines as all of our dogs have different parents. Here's her site: She claims to have puppies year round (I can attest to that. I was in a room with about 40 to 50 of them--many reserved by deposit though)

There is much more info on the web site.
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You might want to look on Hunting Retriever Club's website. There are usually 3 or 4 litter announcements posted.
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