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I have been dealing with my dog's ears since he was a pup. He is a yellow and from what I have been told, yellows are more subject to ear infections, and other skin irritations. I have tried many things including antibiotics, inner ear medications and ear washes, but if left unmaintained, flair-ups would return. I have paid a fortune for these treatments, and in looking for an effective, cheaper treatment, I was led to this home remedy. Here are the proportions:

16 ounces of rubbing alcohol
16 drops gentian violet liquid (sold with Merthiolate)
4 Tablespoons boric acid

All of these ingredients can be found at any pharmacy. Mix ingredients together and put into squeeze bottle. Treat affected ears 2 times daily for two weeks and once daily after two weeks until clear. Continue to use solution as needed and as a drying solution after swimming.

The idea is to treat the irritations with the alcohol and the gentian violet liquid and the boric acid also works as an antiseptic but mostly is used to increase the acidity of the ear. If the problem is yeast based, this solution will work well with over the counter, cheap ingredients. You will want to thoroughly clean the ears with the solution and cotton balls, and then continue with the solution. The trick is to get the ear healthy, and keep it cleaned and acidic to reduce the chances of reinfection. I keep a bottle in my truck so that I can dry and treat his ears as soon as out of the water. I hope this helps.
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