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Here it is November 18, 2003, should be one of the best hunting times in the marsh. Birds should be trading all over the place , weather has been just what you have been waiting for, cloudy, windy and a few days of bright sunshine.
Doesn't matter if your up early, or out in the early afternoon.
NO DUCKS!!!! anywhere!!! ---- hummm? Keep getting reports form all of the magazines and other places that there are more ducks than ever. Well sure not in Northwest Indiana. Our duck migration is the poorest that it has ever been in the last --- well 100 years. Has been on a constant decline for the last 20 years. Used to see ducks all the time. Not anymore lucky to see more than a handful during a week of hunting. We have had great water since mid Septermber. There is no build up of numbers anywhere in our area. State areas and privite lands are hurting bad.
Question being asked are - "why isn't anyone saying any thing about the low counts everywhere? All we hear is the great numbers of ducks all over." Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas and every places south of us are just hammering them. Hunters here sit and wait for the birds to move down, but to no avail.

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Hi I am from Arkansas and we hear the same thing all the time. We have also seen a decline in Ducks over the years. We also here that there are lots of ducks but never see anything. I have hunted Bayo Meto in Arkansas for over 30 years . Here it is December 13, 2003 and we do not even have enough water to hunt. What is happening to us we thing is that any club that can pull water from the bayou feeding the Wabbaska Scatters does so. There are a few ducks around however they go to the private land where there is water. Like you I do not understand why we hear about all these ducks and see nothing. I think it has to do with the sell of hunting license and duck stamps.
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