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Lake Thompson

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Lake Thompson Is Draining
The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) recently discovered the water level was dropping at Lake Thompson, a 10-acre lake on the DGIF Thompson Wildlife management Area in Fauquier County and immediately began an engineering assessment of possible causes. DGIF, in consultation with contract dam safety engineers, determined that the bottom drain attached to the base of the principal spillway had failed somewhere along its course near the lake bottom upstream of the riser. Attempts to locate the source of the leak and render an economical, quick fix have not been successful and; unfortunately, it appears the lake will slowly drain.
The lake is dropping at a rate of about 6 inches per day and is expected to be nearly dry within the next few weeks. DGIF will monitor the lake level and dam as the water continues to drop and conduct additional assessments to evaluate potential long-term repairs. Smallmouth bass have been and will continue to be removed from the lake and transported to Front Royal Fish Hatchery to serve as brood stock.
Anglers are advised that fishing access to the lake is becoming more difficult each day as the water level continues to drop and more mud is exposed; however, there are a few rocky areas that can provide access to the water's edge. All visitors and anglers should use extreme caution under these changing conditions. ... ction=maps
Never been to it but I bet that geese and yes ducks are in there . Soon the water will be down to where no one will be fishing it , My idea is DGIF should allow waterfowl hunting in there this year. OR should I ask if they allow hunting in the lake now ? Plus the birds will be moving looking for water and it would be a smart hunter to scout around and find out where all that water is going :hammer: .

:eek: LD :yes:
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I was there on Veterans Waterfowl hunting day, Oct 27. Got skunked.

The two geese that normally nest on the island are not there. the leak in the spillway and lack of water coming from the creek has made it 1/3rd of the 10 acres it is normally. They had chased me when I walked across the shallow water to the land while fishing in spring 2017. I made note that one day, I'll come back and shoot them.

I suppose the geese got tired of having to walk several acres to get to the water and found another spot!

I've attached photos and diagrams. Note the location of the park bench in the photo that is normally at the water's edge on the mid-right of the photo. the island is in the upper left corner.

The steep drop-off area pictures in green is currently dry cracked mud and grass that you can walk across. The top third of the deep water area is about 2 to 3 feet deep and gets deeper as you get toward the boat launch area.

Do people waterfowl hunt there? Yes. VADGIF told me a hunter shot a fisherman last year while shooting geese from the island toward the edge of the lake. I've seen empty shotshells on the ialnd and there is shot up cooking pot there too.

This is the lowest I've ever seen the water there. Never knew those boulders were under the water when fishing. Now I know where my lures got snagged!


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When I was fishing there last March, a turkey flew up on me and another guy and started calling.

Was up in a tree. I later asked the game warden if it was OK to carry a shotgun while fishing. He said yes.
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