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I have a Lanbar OU. I actually like it. They are Spanish made guns as I recall. The model that I have retailed for about $675 But I won it at a Delta Waterfowl Banquet last spring and is engraved with the Delta Logo. I always wanted a light weight field gun for grouse, and now I have one. Now I just need the planter facitis to gow away so I can walk up the grouse-after 51 weeks of it-it is getting old (arch breaking down and thus often painful when walking).

My impression when I talked to a gun retailer is the Lanbars are lower end of the spectrum for pricing. (Their are much more expensive ones then what I have) No idea about their overall quality though, but I do like mine just fine and have had no problems. Anyway, for me being how little it gets(I do not do too much upland hunting) I could not ever see spending $1500 on a OU like many guys do, and this one suits me just fine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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