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Thought I would share a story of what can happen when you go over the edge for pursuit of waterfowl. I will admit I was stupid but We shot the crap out of the ducks hunting outside the box that no other hunters were willing to try.

This is 100% a true story

SO...... you want to hear about "almost" the latest Washington Duck Hunter fatality Huh?

Long story short or not so short but here it is....... There was pretty close to 20,000 ducks (verified through the game warden at the launch) on the Wasteway where we were hunting. They are/were very call and decoy shy. They pretty much flew high and dropped like quarters into the middle of the lake onto the edge of the ice which is no less than 45 yards from shore. Soooooooooo I thought why not be a duck to kill ducks right? The water depth on the edge of the ice is about 3 ft deep with 1.5 feet of sinky muck.We were going to hide in my fastgrass blind standing waist deep in water until we limited. We were all set up and into position, I went to hide the boat then proceeded to "carefully" slide on my ass out to the edge where we were going to hide in the fastgrass blind I made. When I got close to the ice edge my ass and upper torso fell backwards into the Ice hole and my feet stayed on top of the surface. I freaked out of course like anyone would and big 5" thick chunks of ice were hitting my in the head during the attack and I just plain couldnt find the hole that I fell backwards into! My partner was 30+ yards away in the dark not really having a clue as to what was happening.

No Exaggeration here on this part...... All of this was running through my head about a million miles per hour and I was clearly seeing the end drawing very near. I was pretty much thinking MY GOD is this how it is going to happen? I was seeing my daughter and my wife standing there in our living room disappointed that I was going to leave them this way. Drowning !!!!! doing the one thing I love most in the world of hunting? I probably had I am guessing by the amount of water I was inhaling about 15-20 seconds left before it was lights out for good, when the rest of the ice my lower half was on broke and I was fleeing to the surface coughing water Amazed that God allowed my one more day in this world to pursue waterfowl and enjoy what I love the most. I hunted all day in 40 degree weather with a thick fog. I froze my ass off and I am pretty sure my nipples are permanently hard over the deal but I am otherwise unharmmed.

Yah, Yah, Yah I know blah blah blah stay off the ice.... You should have known better right? BUT the morale of this very true story is that You cant kill ducks if you can't think like a duck and be where they want to be. We had to stay all day on this Friday January 18th 2005 but we killed 10 Gadwall and a Mallard drake.

You know me always the storyteller but this is what really happened to me on that day. I have briefly considered selling all of my hunting gear, guns and all of my decoys. Remember that I just said briefly ok.

Cheers! Here is to the ducks!
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