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We have been late season goose hunting all week so far near Monticello, it seems like all the geese we have seen are very skiddish and hard to decoy, I have seen at least 3,000 geese so far this week skirt our spread at 80 yards, we have changed spreads several times had our best luck last night with a tighter spread. We watched over a thousand geese in a field the other night while we were scouting and a dump truck dumped its bucket at a construction site about 1 mile away and the geese all got up at once and left. What a messed up year for ducks, there are more ducks around right now then there has been all season. We saw a fresh cut corn field with about 4-5 thousand mallards in it the other night, just tornadoes of ducks swarming over it, I thought i was in the dakotas for a moment. Besides smaller flocks and geese that break off bigger flocks it has been difficult to finnish geese this week so far. Except right at about 4:30 when legal shooting hours end after that the geese will sit right down in your dekes. Why dont they extend shooting hours until 1/2 hour after sunset????
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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