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Lead shot Makers

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Any one used one?

Any one built one?

I am planning on building a lead shot dripper and am open to others plans, ideas, MISTAKES and wisdom.

I have a pot and burner that can hold about 200lb of lead, I will be adding a valve to stop, start and regulate the lead flow. it will then flow "regulated" to the trough and drippers which will be pre-heated also. then off the drop tray into the coolant. I might purchase the drippers from Littleton but the rest I will build. I have started collecting lead and @ $50 a bag for shot it is time for me to make my own. if all goes well I should be able to make 200lb of shot in a couple of hours not counting the initial melting and mixing ( adding required items for hardness ) of the lead.

I did not do a search so if there are other post on this forgive me for starting it again. :thumbsup:
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I've done some on a small, 2 dripper,
shotmaster i bought off ebay for $60.
It only came with #7 nozzles,so i ordered some #8's from Magma engineering (littleton),there's apparently two parties you can order littleton drippers, make sure you order from Magma, or you could be waiting a couple months for your drippers to arrive.
If your building the shot drop plate, you may want to get some dimensions and angles off a real shotmaker, the distance the lead drops onto the plate, and the angle of the plate, and it's length are
somewhat critical,i would imagine,for good success.
I'd also recommend making one with a lot of drippers, the more drippers the less time you'll spend tending to things, and the faster
you'll make a large quanity of shot, drippers aren't very expensive.
I was talkin to a guy at littleton who said some guy ordered 36 drippers from him once for a that to mine with 2 drippers.I've recently run about 300 lbs thru my little 2 dripper unit
in the last few months off and on when lead skyrocketed,i pulled out the 400 lbs of lead i had layin in the shed, and the 150 lbs of linotype i had in the corner of the garage (bought both for around .25 cents a lb) and started makin shot, the shot usually isn't "perfect", but plenty good for most all shooting.
I still buy premium west coast shot for shooting tournaments, or annie oakleys from the parking lot. I've used a lot of homemade shot on the skeet field.
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1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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