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Lead shot Makers

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Any one used one?

Any one built one?

I am planning on building a lead shot dripper and am open to others plans, ideas, MISTAKES and wisdom.

I have a pot and burner that can hold about 200lb of lead, I will be adding a valve to stop, start and regulate the lead flow. it will then flow "regulated" to the trough and drippers which will be pre-heated also. then off the drop tray into the coolant. I might purchase the drippers from Littleton but the rest I will build. I have started collecting lead and @ $50 a bag for shot it is time for me to make my own. if all goes well I should be able to make 200lb of shot in a couple of hours not counting the initial melting and mixing ( adding required items for hardness ) of the lead.

I did not do a search so if there are other post on this forgive me for starting it again. :thumbsup:
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I was dropping less than 3/8"
3/8 is good or a little less I have mine set for 1/4.
Three things cause teardrop shot lead not hot enough, not enough chalk on the drop ramp or to cold coolant.
If the lead is hot enough you should see 6or7 pieces of shot rolling on the ramp under each dripper.
Fluxing is needed to get the crud out so it doesn't plug the drippers.If you do get a pluged dripper take a screw driver and tap the top of it to get it running again. I flux in the pan with a piece of candel wax and stir with a spoon then skim off the crud. To keep from breathing the fumes light the smoke with a match.
If you start making alot of shot and want to size it buy some pieces of fanning screen.This screen comes in the exact sizes for screening shot.
Good luck 20bolt
I have a "work in progress" machine that I will eventually get to work. I have used the factory built ones and they do make fine shot with a bit of playing. We dropped our shot in DOT 3 brake fluid, seemed to work well. We also used diesel but that's messy and flammable! brake fluid is easier to clean and safer to use. I think coolant might be better still, I'll have to give it a try.

Rob MacK
crowkiller said:
If you start making alot of shot and want to size it buy some pieces of fanning screen

What is fanning screen? Where would One Purchase such a product?
I dont know about fanning screen, but has perforated sheet metal in exact sizes. Screening always seems to be +/- .020, which is the difference between #5 and #9 shot.

For my own use, I am planning on using a piece of scrap plastic and milling exact holes in it. It will be a 10 minute operation on the mill, but will give me near perfect filtering of sizes.

For guys without a mill, I bet you could buy some drill bits of the exact sizes you wanted and drill a few 5 gallon buckets.

I should also add, they have all kinds of great stuff.
Fanning screen is used for grain cleaning. Do a search for grain cleaning equiptment or fanning screen. I bought mine from a flower seed cleaning and sorting company 25 years ago.
I made frames out of wood and nailed the fanning screen to the botom.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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