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Lets Talk Chokes...

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Looking for chokes for shooting ducks at a maximum distance of 35 yards. I have read good about Briley...but was wondering what everyone else here shoots.

The guns are all 12 gauge.

One is a browning...model, I do not know, I will have to ask my brother.
Mine is a 1187
My dad's is a Beretta A303, I do believe.

At ducks we are shooting Kent #2's typically...sometimes 4's, depending what they have.

Looking for the best choke given that criteria.

Now...for geese, we are now shooting snow geese up here in Sacramento, and will shoot these at 60 yards. What is the best all around choke for this. Shot size is BB and # 2 Hevi Shot reloaded HOT.

Again, what is the best all around choke? I am leaning towards the Drake Killer's because I have read nothing but good about these...or that some people have switched from a patternmaster and prefer these chokes to the patternmaster.

What says y'all?

Thanks much!!

Jeff Given
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i have only herd good things about the terror .655 for snows and i am leaning towards the .675 for ducks and geese that are decoying good for a nice clean headshot :thumbsup:
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