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Lets Trade Hunts

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I am looking for someone to trade duck hunts. I hunt the snake river and surrounding areas. Looking for a duck/goose hunt on the westside or maybe in the Moses Lake area. visit my website for my contact info. I will provide everything but gun & shells. Depends on what is offered, I would be willing to take up to three hunters. Just looking for a change. Thanks,
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I am getting familiar (and very succesful) with the potholes resivour thanks to my new GPS and a great duck boat. It is a small boat of 14' but it was designed as a duck boat with a fast set up blind, false bottom 30 hp motor can handle 3 guys but is best with 2 and a dog or 2.
If you look on the map at the potholes resivour see the north half of the lake looks like a maze of islands and chanels, that's were I have been doing well thanks to the GPS great palce to be a duck!

I also boat hunt Paterson alot with good luck but I am getting sick of the same spot hence the Potholes!

You can reach me at [email protected]
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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