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Planning a trip, i dont hunt alot of bigger rivers or big lakes where i am from
just wanted some info,
1. I have a 16ft lowe rivited DoubleWide DoubleDeep short transom, powered by a 31hp longtail, will this set up be alright for the river? Will have 3 guys and a dog and gear.
2. Most of my weights, texas rigged, have 4oz weights on them, should i assume that ill need 6oz weights? Heavier? or will the 4oz do the job,
3. Everything I have read says water conditions are not good, but cant seem to find out anything about this year???Help??>>>, noticing alot of back water/ cuts by the Santee area just courious if these backwater/island cut areas have water to them? Are they dried up, not askin alot here just wanting some help in regards to saftey, water conditions and decoy weights.

PM me, or leave comment in the thread!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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