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Little help

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I got away from my pups training for a few and I new she enjoyed retrieving so that is all I did for a month or little longer, I left obedience out for the most part :oops:

Well with this long weekend I went to my hometown visited my dad who doesn't have a fenced yard and realized how I had screwed up :oops: My pup who is 5 month's today has no idea what "come" means i thought she got it because everytime she retirieves she brought it to me, evidently not :mad: !!!

SO I started 5 minute mornings and 5 minute evenings one for "heel" and one for "come" :thumbsup: Any suggestions or help would be great, especially for the come the check cord is working but she seems to maybe be a little confused with the "come"???????? :eek:ops2:
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What training program are you following??? I would recommend a solid step by step program if you haven't been following any..
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