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Little help

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I got away from my pups training for a few and I new she enjoyed retrieving so that is all I did for a month or little longer, I left obedience out for the most part :oops:

Well with this long weekend I went to my hometown visited my dad who doesn't have a fenced yard and realized how I had screwed up :oops: My pup who is 5 month's today has no idea what "come" means i thought she got it because everytime she retirieves she brought it to me, evidently not :mad: !!!

SO I started 5 minute mornings and 5 minute evenings one for "heel" and one for "come" :thumbsup: Any suggestions or help would be great, especially for the come the check cord is working but she seems to maybe be a little confused with the "come"???????? :eek:ops2:
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I sort'a did the same thing the first 6 mos. . . I spent tons of time out in the woods, in the water and in the field. I even had her pulling 1/4 of a railroad tie to build strength and endurance and skipping much of the most important foundation of OB. . . It's certainly not too late to play catch up a little. . . sounds like he/she already has the natural retreiving instincts - I would even recommend one of those dog OB classes at night; it's a great way to socialize dog and will help you formalize your effort.
No, not really hard to get her back on track; however, she started to develop some bad habits that would only translate to issues in hunt tests and in the field. It sort of set her back in some regards, BUT the work we did do made her an incredible hunter, very strong swimmer and she will perservere. But in the end, it was back to OB basics. . . when she was ready to move forward w/double marks and blinds. . . You are at a time that you can do it right!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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