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Locking Down Posts

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Lately it seems like many threads have been locked down for no reason at all. We had a TOM* thread with three pages of friendly banter and reminiscing, about the days of Tom*, we then had a bit of a heated arguement about cruelty to animals specifically the natural merits of birds of prey, several of us (including yours truly) were publicly flogged and ordered to not post anymore on that subject.
I guess my concern is that it seems like we are unable to have any good arguements at all. The "Soap Opera" flavor of this particular forum is being taken away. Are we supposed to talk about our kids braces, and the local Fire Department fund raiser. No controversial topics allowed, don't talk about Tom* or Jrocks crabs, or the fact that Don Taylor is a lunatic. I feel that there is an abuse of power sometimes with Moderators having the ability to just lock down a thread. It reminds me of grade school with the hall safety patrol. Don't run in the hall, don't pull the girls pony tails, and don't skip steps on the stairs.
No offense Mods, I just think that certain things should be let go, that's what makes this sight fun to come to.
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It's not an abuse of power. The Mods and A2 are getting sick and tired of having to deal with the tattle tales and all the B.S. that goes along with it. Basically a few whiners and crybabies have ruined it for the rest of us. The same people jumping down another guys throat are also the ones doing the complaining. No spine at all, no matter how much "Pride" they act like they have. The same people are threatening to go to the mods or admin to try to get people banned. If I were a Mod or an Admin I'd end up doing the same thing. Every year there's a spring cleaning of sorts. I'm not going to go into detail about who it is or where they're from.
Problem is, once a hoe is dirty, you can never get it really clean again. The dirtyness just never washes all the way off.
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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