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Been thinking about coming to canada for awhile but this year made it a for sure deal. Minnesota stinks and now the dakotas are becoming too crowded with idiots. I have read southern canada gets crowded so I am looking to go way up north with my 64 year old father for some quality hunting for ducks. I have been researching areas like cumberland house sask, the pas manitoba, peace river alberta, and churchill manitoba so far. I really like cumberland house but i read the lodge mistik lake was busted last year for overlimits and other violations. I would not want any part of an operation like that. I am unaware of any other lodges in that area so far.We are looking for an uncrowded duck hunt where we can hunt by ourselves without other hunters. I know alot of these operations put you with like four or five other hunters. I am not paying big money for that though. So basically we will go to the far north to get away from the crowds but want to just hunt by ourselves and maybe a guide if need be. If you have any ideas i would appreciate it a great deal. Thank you. My email is [email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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