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Looking For Diver Decoys

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I’m looking to get into diver hunting (bluebills, goldeneyes, bufflehead and ringnecks are the common species where I am) and trying to get some decoys for those ducks. Anyone looking to get rid of some? I’d also be interested in beaten up decoys of other species I could paint to look like divers. I’m in upstate NY and would drive a few hours for a good deal or could pay to ship.
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Where upstate? I'm on Long Island.
I’m a couple hours north of Albany. What do you have?
Oh that's crazy far, but I found this locally:

I would exhaust local shows, garage sales, let go and Craigs List before investing in long drives and big money. I've seen a lot of adequate paint jobs on refurbished decoys that are all over the place. If you feel that you like it, then you can dump off your gear on the next guy coming up and parlay that one into a finer rig. And I have found that you really don't need as many as people will have you believe.
Thank you! Right now my bluebill spread is up to about 50 decoys, half of which I turned into bluebills from mallard decoys. I have about 18 goldeneyes and no buffleheads. My grandfather said he use to get old squaw where we hunt on lake Champlain but I’ve never seen them
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