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There 3 basic shools of thought on decoys.

Light brown/drak broan for puddlers and white/black with a few browns for divers. Meaning very basic colors.

Then there is the size thought, the bigger the better in actual decoy siaze or \in spread numbers.

And thrird is the all out, no holds barred (expense) school of thought, usually corkers, woods, etc. which ride better in the water than the plastic do.

Seems to me you are leaning towards the later school of thought on decoys. So consider corkers if you are going to a slotted bags, et... A Sponsor here make some nice ones-Taylor decoys And also a guy out of WA, I think maybe Columbia decoys??? But I saw pics of them about 2 years ago=real sweet looking--the guy had a 1 year waiting list.
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