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I use 45' main lines-9' apart for the 6 S Mag decoys and then a 7 to 25' line to the anchor. The anchor line is wrapped arounfd the anchor "loop". The "long" main line is 135'. I use 2' long drops from the decoys which the snaps are attached to the 2' (finished) lines. Reason is so a dog can swim above the line or float a boat or it if need be with out getting tangles up. I use 1.5 lb anchors for the shorter lines and 4lb anchor for the 135' line.

Somebody mentioned ATA GUlf--yup I use them too :thumbsup:

BTW, you know what you get when using long lines with variable winds? ! big tangled mess-happened to me Sun... :eek:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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