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Making Goose Silos

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My friend and goose hunting compadre came over this past weekend and we pumped out two dozen goose silos!

Had alot of laughs, goofed off with pellet guns....but still got the work done. Used 1/4" luan and manuevered the template just right to get 12 dekes out of each 4'x'8 some excellent color paint (flat ext latex) from Walmart....color Grand Tetons....for the body

Here's Bill grinding the stakes....the stakes are 1"x1/4" flat iron and we hold them on with two bolts and locking nut....these withsatnd alot of abuse and easily get into the frozen dirt


Bill - drilling the bolt holes


apply the primer Bill!


the end result after a full day in the barn!

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have considered using chloroplast.....but we want REAL durability and the luan gets the job done --- in or opinion. Yes, they are heavier, but we'll take the weight....two dozen will fit nicely into the Avery or Final Approach silo bags....I think Diane is working on making similar bags due out soon.
Cost question.....well, this is a toughy....I would rather put them on sale under the business than tell all....but hereya go anyhow!

The luan 4'x8'x1/4" sheets go for $12....I got a dozen out of each sheet consisting of 1 alert, 11 feeders off sheet #1. ....sheet #2 produced 1 alert, three relaxed and the rest are feeders.

The stakes are 1"x1/4" flat iron I get in 6 foot lengths.....$7 each...I cut them to one foot rounding the edges and eliminating any burs.....then drill a pair of holes for mounting.

The small bolts and locking nuts I buy by the 100 pack.....together they are about $9 in that quantity.

Paint is very basic flat exterior latex and I only had to purchase a quart for $5.50 at Walmart (Grand Tetons I felt had a good gray/brown color)....I had plenty of black and white already. I sealed them with spar varnish and of course I have plenty of that on hand as well as the primer.

So.......the bottom line for two dozen is about $45. of course that does not include the basic tools....grinding wheel, drill, jig or band saw, reciprocating saw, file and sandpaper....but most folks have these basic tools or can get by with a hack saw and and a jig saw and some elbow grease. I'll even provide you with template tracings if you want....just e-mail me your address.

Remember, these are basic silos....not alot of detail and really there is no need for it especially if mixing in as fillers and the illusion of motion amongst your fullbodies.
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