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Map of Joice Island?

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Our first time out to Joice Island is coming up. Anyone have a map of the hunting area that they would like to share? I'd like to be as prepared as possible...

I assume there is one at the check station, but since we can't really scout it, I'd like to save the gas spent on an extra trip out there if I can avoid it (saving up for a pair of those expensive "mudders" so my son doesn't have to drag me out of the mud :biggrin: ).

Thanks in advance.
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Finally, after many years of draws (and being out of the country last year when i was extended an invite) i finally pulled Joice Island for 12/14! :grooving: :grooving: Does anybody have a copy of the hunt map that you could send me?

Any advice is appreciated as well. I know the mud can be terrible, but thats about it. I will have a dog and a partner with me. Thanks guys.
Shooting wide said:
Side note.

Dude, LDC on Wednesday and Joice on Sunday. We must have been really nice in former lives or we are never going to get draws again having used up all of our karma.
:lol: Yeah, tell me about it. To make it worse I also drew Sac #9 for the same day and will have to burn it. Nothing since the opener, then two great draws on the same day. Sucks, but I can't complain too much. Still sucks though.

Anybody have a hunt map out there? Google got nada.
Yes I've checked it out. Just not sure which ponds are part of the hunt area.

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