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Map of Joice Island?

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Our first time out to Joice Island is coming up. Anyone have a map of the hunting area that they would like to share? I'd like to be as prepared as possible...

I assume there is one at the check station, but since we can't really scout it, I'd like to save the gas spent on an extra trip out there if I can avoid it (saving up for a pair of those expensive "mudders" so my son doesn't have to drag me out of the mud :biggrin: ).

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks guys.

I've found the google satellite maps (same as the maps) and they are very interesting (though hard to print out...I like to have something in hand for my first trip). I'm still looking for a map that shows parking area(s), hunting areas/boundries, etc.

That's a good thought about asking them to mail one, wished I'd asked sooner. But since we're going this Sunday, I'll probably just make a run by there on Saturday morning. I think I can glass the morning flight from the bridge. Might help getting our setup right the first time and minimize moving around and adjusting. But with my luck, the wind will change overnight and I'll be all screwed up :lol3: Actually, if the weatherman is right, we'll be lucky to have any wind at all.

Oh well, like I tell my son, "it'll be an adventure!"
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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