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This is the worst part of our system currently. Best thing to do is find the RMs you want to go to then look up their website (most have one). Some RMs will have it posted on their website somewhere. Through their website you can usually ask for them to send you a copy in PDF form as well. Unfortunately because this I formation is tracked at the RM level, not provincially, it is difficult for someone like onX to compile it. The province recently commissioned an online app called SaskLander where land owners can list their land for users to contact them. I’m hoping it will have enough land owners on it. Another online app worth remembering which is free is HabiSask. Good for finding public land and identifying land features. The only app that has multiple RM maps in one place would be iHunter Saskatchewan. They are available for a fee on their. They don’t have all of them, but I believe they have over half. Hopefully they update them every year.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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