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Maps?? For a newbie scouting

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I just been getting into duck hunting i have my few waters close to home i was wondering if there is a a good map or book of wisconson waterways that show refuges and marshes on the lake boat landings stuff like that so i can branch out in my area and try to learn more and get a few more spots since i am just starting to get away from the home lakes. Not asking for specific lakes just maps or a book with the waterways so i can do it for myself and start scouting this spring with my new mud buddy and boat thanks for all the help?
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DeathDlr7VI said:
Now this is how someone should ask for a little help. I take it, you may have read some of the earlier post regarding internet scouters?

I agree with what was mentioned earlier. The only thing I would add is google earth the location once you've decided on a location. That will give you some what of a picture of the area. Alot of the pictures are old, but they will help.

Secondly, call the local warden for the zone, there may be different regulations that are not covered in the Migratory bird regulations specific to the area you are wanting to hunt.
I completely agree....

Thata being said google earth is prolly a good choice lets you get an ariel view of your area. I personally like the ducks unlimited map my self just go to there migration map. What i have done is look up public hunting land on the dnr then printed of the area from and ariel view and just went walking in the woods or marsh. I have a gps and type in some of the coordinates cuz sometimes marsh grass can be well over the head haha. I also use the outdoorsman atlas or whatevr its called to show some fo the more popular hunting areas but not necessarily the best. I would also recomend spending some time on the DNR site they have alot of land that is not easy to find even on there website. It seems like everytime i go to the site i find a new land that has been there the whole time. There is also private land leased to the public which is not updated yearly on tere website but i beleive you can request a list of the land and they will mail it to you. or you could drive around and look for the signs i have found alot of land just from driving around...stuff thats not on a map or on the dnr website. I would also check to see if your county has a GIS will tell you who owns every parcel in your county....private, public, its actually a very usefull tool if your coutny has one
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