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Marsh Mouth or Swamp Bore hybrid?

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I am looking at either a marsh mouth or swamp bore hybrid. I want an open water call and something that I can get a little low on in case their coming in fast. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
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reggart said:
I ended up getting a Watkins original from someone here on the forum. I should get it by Tuesday. I was getting pretty serious about a T.Salt but I just can't afford a brand new acrylic call right now and I really am too hard on calls for non-stabilized wood.

From what I have read, the Watkins and T.salts are pretty comparible calls. I needed an open water call so I believe the Original fits the bill.

I may get a T. Salt swamp mouth or timber tamer some day to go with my Watkins Original
Which Watkins Original did ya end up gettin? Get one of the ones that NCDucker was sellin?
I was askin cuz one of the Originals he had was originally mine.
I would agree that the MM has more volume than the Watkins Original. The MM has more ring into it than the Watkins. To me the Watkins has a little more whiny nasal sound to it than the T.Salt.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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