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Mathew Frost wins NC State w/T.Salt ~ 2nd consecutive time!

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Congrats to Mathew Frost and Tom Salter! Matt won the NC state calling contest for the second time in two years... thats back-to-back! He won with a T.Salt Jewel. Now on to Stuttgart! Look for at least a top 5 place there, you watch!
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fowl_wishes said:
He is jsut as genuine in person as he is thru PMs, email, or on the phone. And his appreciation for everyones love of his calls was there as well.
This is exactly why I do business w/ this man. Down to earth, no bs, and works hard to make the BEST call out there without the fancy marketing hyp. He keeps things simple and to the point, and focuses on making calls that sound like ducks, for every type of caller.

Imagine if he sold shirts and hats (in MAX 4 of course) with his "T. SALT CALLS" logo - he'd never be able to keep them in stock.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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