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Mathew Frost wins NC State w/T.Salt ~ 2nd consecutive time!

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Congrats to Mathew Frost and Tom Salter! Matt won the NC state calling contest for the second time in two years... thats back-to-back! He won with a T.Salt Jewel. Now on to Stuttgart! Look for at least a top 5 place there, you watch!
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Now that speaks volumes. A small mfg making a HUGH splash. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all three involved. Their hard work is paying off. I to would gander at a top 5 finish. They now know what to expect at the worlds from being there last year.

Is it just me but I feel like a part of it all. Being that Tom is a small mfg and you talk to him on the phone about the calls and all. Kind of makes it seem like family. Maybe it`s just me

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