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Mid-Mo Divers

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I was wondering if anyone hunted for divers on the MO river. What species do you run into and how is the hunting in general?
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mostly mergansers and some goldeneye. i havent had much luck with decoying. they are only there when its cold and later in the season. i had 1 group of 4 come in once and a conservation boat jumped them up. i also lost 1 goldeneye. not much to talk about on the divers on the mo river.
try the mississippi north of st. louis. pool 9 or something i hear good things about that. some one else can probbaly tell you more about that. i did kill a few puddle ducks on the mo river but nothing to talk about. last year just wasnt as good but mabee i didnt hit it right. i reamember 1 day when there was alot of ducks but couldnt hide very good, so we didnt kill any.thats the bigest problem we have is hiding b/c the river is so low that time of year. if you build a blind next to the water its gone the next time it rains. you can dig in if its not frozen but i dont hunt it under those conditions.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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