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Mid-Mo Divers

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I was wondering if anyone hunted for divers on the MO river. What species do you run into and how is the hunting in general?
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Well, I don't hunt specifically for divers but I have shot plenty of them. I hunt the Missouri river just outside Kansas City. late season is the best for them I would say, just like for anything else on the river. Every season I see tons of golden eyes, common mergansers are pretty abundant usually towards the end of the season, but I have also shot some ring necks, and the one and only time I have ever had a shot on a redhead was on the river but of course I couldn't hit him.

Since I dont hunt specifically for divers my entire spread is for puddlers. So I would say that with a diver spread your luck would probably be better. With my puddler spread they will come hauling ass right over the spread and then usually land up stream about a 100yrds. So if you dont see them coming then we usually dont get a shot. But the hunting in general isnt bad for puddlers or divers as long as its late season and most of the conservation areas are starting to freeze up. If nothing is froze then dont waste your time on the MO river.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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