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Mid-Mo Divers

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I was wondering if anyone hunted for divers on the MO river. What species do you run into and how is the hunting in general?
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I haven't hunted ON the river, but I've had lots of ringnecks come in off the river to some larger ponds I hunted last year. We also had a flock of 8 buffleheads come into a puddler spread at Grand Pass. I wish I had a video of that.
Newf Hunter said:
Thanks guys. I wasn't for sure what people ran into. Like everyone else, I'd love to run into a wad of Can's or Redhead's but I imagine I'll have to break down and go out of state to hit them.
For Canvasbacks, I've heard a lot of people finding them around Alton on the river every season, but I've never had the privilege of tracking them down myself.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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