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From the archives of the Minnesota Waterfowl Association......

April 22, 1969

Mr. Ray Hangge
Southern Minnesota Waterfowl
Lake Improvement Association
P.O. Box 72
Albert lea, MN 56007

Dear Ray:

Nick passed along your request to determine what proportion of Minnesota's 14,000 odd lakes of 10 acres or more in size are waterfowl lakes.

Let me say that it is my unbiased judgement that they are all waterfowl lakes, some of which have an incidental fishery value. There are others who would argue the point and claim 3,000 fish lakes, 2,000 intermediate fish-waterfowl lakes, and that the remaining 9,000 lakes have various waterfowl value(in the Northeast little value for either).

We will not have a complete detailed inventory for some time.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert L. Jessen
Technical Asst. - Waterfowl
Section of Game

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