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Mod or full choke barrels for black cloud #4 shot??

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I currently am using a Remington 870. I have several different barrels for it including 2 non vented choke barrels. I have a mod and a full barrel. I do not have the liberty of having a gun range at my disposal for ranging my chokes and checking their patterns. I am shooting black cloud #4 shot. Obviously I understand my full choke will group tighter than my mod. I just am wondering which is better to shoot my BC with. Does that ammo have enough stopping power outside of the sweet spot in the kill zone that I should just stick with the mod. Or should I further utilize the claimed long range capabilities of it with my full choke. I am mainly tryin to kill ducks in decoys out to 40 yds.
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Mod, the wad is designed to control the pattern, I don't think you need much constriction. Choke does not have any effect on the killing power of the load. All it does is control how wide a pattern is thrown at various ranges. Inside 40 yards you don't need a Mod or Black Cloud. Improved Cylinder and regular steel will be just fine.
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