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Here comes the mojo deal again.

MN banned the use of motorized spinning wing decoys on public land this year. It's been nice, because now we can seperate the real hunters from the pu$$ys. The decoys should be banned nation wide.
I think that is weak and not very well thought out. I use from 0 to 3 on any given day depending on my mood and how I percieve the ducks reacting to the Mojo's. This being said, according to you and apparently alot of other people, this makes me less of a hunter. OK, whatever. Here is the bottom line; No matter what you do to bring ducks in, provided it is in accordance with your particular gaming laws and done in a gentlemanly fashion, you are hunting fairly and ethically. Where I'm from the bag limit is still 6 ducks per day no matter what the spread. BTW, I sometimes take out a Mallard Machine with my 3 Mojo's. Trust me, carrying all the gear I have hardly qualifies me as a *****.

How do you guys build a jerk string?? My friend has a mallard machine with a remote, and so far this season, it hasn't produced like you think it should. Personally, I think the 4 decoys so close together with the battery case floating nearby looks foney, and any sharp mallard should be able to pick up on it.........any thoughts???
Take a gallon jug of milk filled with concrete and attach a bungee cord to the handle dropping it 100 or so feet from your blind. On the other end of the bungee attach some good decoy line. On this decoy line attach X amount of decoys on your way back to the blind. Jerk when you see the ducks.
As far as the Mallard Machine goes, I love it. If I had a complaint it would be that at times, it becomes a pain in the ass lugging it around. While 3 or 4 decoys pilled so close together looks somewhat un-natural, the idea is to make sure the unit is running when ducks are present.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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