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My lab and I got out to the marsh and set up 8 dekes on a creek.The tide was rising and we did see decent numbers of birds but I had trouble getting them to commit to the decoy spread.Each flock would come check out the blocks but they always pulled back at the last minute!
So I buried myself deep in the brush and weeds and sure enough the next bunch of ducks comes in good,but I botched the closest bird-twice!
Next, we ditch the decoys and jump shoot the creeks now that the tide is going down.Came upon a lone Black in good range but again I missed-twice!! :pissed:
Well on the way back to my original spot we put up a nice fat black duck out of a tiny crack in the marsh not much wider than a shoe box in size and this time I didn't miss!!!So the day wasn't a skunk trip and Solo had himself a bird to fetch(makes for a happy retriever :smile: )
Hope you guys have a good holiday!

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Glad to see I am not the only one that will "occasionally" miss that GREAT chance at a shot! I swear that sometime I think my brother replaced my steel loads with BLANKS!

Good to hear that Solo finally got a chance to retrieve. . . that makes for a happy puppy!

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