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Mossberg 535 ATS?

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So I have seen a few good reviews of this gun (mossberg 535 ATS) anyone had the chance to shoot it yet? I think I'll finally make the move to 3 1/2 this year and it looks like a good gun. I have been using a 870 Express Mag. so even a slight step up would be nice. Looks like a good price too.
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If you really want 3.5" ability, the overbored barrels are the way to in Mossy 835/935. The patterns kick butt :yes:
I Love my 535. it is a lot lighter than 835 if you have to pack it any distance.Of course it kicks a little bit more but when you need 3 1/2 you should have plenty of padding on any way.shoots great.
Hey "3 beautiful birds" :mrgreen: ,

I never even heard of the ATS till you pointed that out.

I dont know what the real diff between that and the 835 is...... but I know I friggin love my 835, and I'd reccomend it anyday! :thumbsup:

I think you'd be satisfied many fold w/ a good rugged Mossberg! :salude:
I would suggest you look at the 935 first. Think you'll be impressed at the improved accuracy and overall structural integrity over the 535 or even 835.
Thanks for all the input, I forgot I posted this a while back... As you can guess my interest has wanedon the 535. If all is going right next spring I am going to look into either a Remington (I've been inpressed with my current 870), a Browning BPS (love that thumb safety and bottom ejection), and lastly an 835. I'll let ya'll know what happens. Right now the $$ is too tight to even think about it.
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