By L. Cater (aka greenster)

Here's the story on the Mossberg 835 shotgun. A friend purchased it for $25. It somehow made it to the bottom of a lake for 6 days before it was recovered. When it was brought to me the outside was clean, but I could not put in a shell or even budge the action. In the end I had to do a complete tear down. To get the Mossberg 835 clean involved lots of rust removal, part cleaning, and greasing. I'll try to go step-by-step as I strip the Mossberg 835 parts and give it a thorough cleaning. Note that this shotgun cleaning technique can be used with other guns in the same situation, but I will use the Mossberg 835 as the example since that was the shotgun being cleaned.

Mossberg 835

Step one. Gather your tools. ( Please note I used common home items for this cleaning. ) Not all tools are listed in the pictures. 1. US quarter. (For the choke)
2. Paper towels (household or shop. I use these because I like the texture of them)
3. Cleaning rods. (use 3 standard 10" cleaning rods)
4. Craftsman 19.2v drill.
5. Wire Battery post cleaner.
6. 36"x ½" wire bore cleaner (no way around it)
7. REM Gun oil
8. Gun Grease (white stuff)
9. Small bucket.
10. Parts degreaser.
11. Camp stove oven (time purpose's)
12. Snap-on straight pick

After you have your tools it's time to start the process.

Mossberg 835

First, remove the magazine cap, and then remove the magazine spring and the ejector follower. After this, remove the choke tube from the barrel and slide the barrel off.

Throw all the removed parts except the barrel into the degreaser.

Now it is time to clean the barrel. Pour a little degreaser down the barrel, just enough to coat the side all the way through. Attach your wire bore cleaner to your drill. When using your drill keep it on a LOW speed starting at the receiver end. Clean lightly one pass down and then one pass back will take care of the job. You do not want to make any groves, just a nice light dig into the rust in the barrel. Notice there are threads inside the barrel for the choke tube - I would not recommend brushing them. Instead get your 2-piece battery terminal cleaner out and brush the end of the barrel that way. After this add a medium coat of gun oil to your barrel. Then run your paper towel through it until all the oil/rust/dirt is through. Add a little more degreaser and use the towel again until all is gone. Finally add a large running coat of oil to the barrel ad set to the side.

Mossberg 835

After you're done with the Mossberg 835 barrel do the same to the magazine.

Now it is time to tear down the receiver. Remove the trigger guard pin, and remove the trigger guard. Next remove the cartridge stop and the cartridge interrupter, (pin/key looking items). I suggest going slow so you will remember how everything comes apart. Now remove the bolt slide and the bolt assembly. It is not necessary to remove the elevator. Place all the removed parts into the degreaser.

Now pour on some degreaser into the receiver and let it soak for around a minute or so. Now use some paper towels to dry and remove all the excess waste, grease in the receiver, and all your parts including magazine parts. I wiped down all shotgun parts with my trusty paper towel and put them in a camp stove oven for about 15 minutes at 110 degrees. This can help to speed up the drying time. If you're air-drying, allow about an hour. Please note that degreaser is extremely flammable and should never be exposed to over 120 degree heat so this may not be a safe option.

After drying, put your gun back together the opposite of the way it was taken apart. It's a good idea to add your gun grease to vital parts and movable areas. With the used gun you'll be able to see by the wearing off of paint and bluing.

Mossberg 835

Now reconnect the barrel add desired choke, and lube everything up good with some gun oil.

I painted the magazine spring and ejector follower. But after cleaning these parts well, just put it back together and you're done. I also made a plug for this gun, which I made out of an aluminum arrow. Just cut your arrow at about 8" ½" and your good to go. ( a lot of household items could be used here)

Needless to say the old mistreated Mossberg 835 performed well without any problems. Take some time with your gun, apply a little TLC, and you'll be surprised how well it will perform. Don't be quick to give up on your gun.