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Mothers Day.... AlaskaRednek Style!

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Hey Y'all!

Just thought I'd (yet again) bore you w/ some of the things i think of.

I decided this year for mothers day, instead of wasting money at some fancy pantsy restaurant like Taco Bell, the money would best be spent on munitions.

So after church, I told my mom, that I was gunna take her somewhere special..... special as she is a special mother to me.

Take a guess where our 'ol mini-van ended up being parked.....

You probly guessed it.... The shooting park.

I Love you Mom!,
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You softy you! I hope you let mom out-shoot you today! :toofunny:
hey alskan red, that was mighty fine of you. Nothin says special like mom in her sunday's best holdin a handgun. I hope you were nice enough to have re mounted that bumper to the ol mini van before you went to church. by the way did you were the buckle to the sermon?
I think you could sell that one to Jeff Foxworthy...

You know if you are a ******* if on Mothers day you take your Mom to the shooting range.

You're a good man, AlaskaRed. :thumbsup: Is mom shooting a Ruger?
thats good AK. Our skeet club had a 'New Shooters Day' on Saturday and I took my mom to that. She learned quite a bit :thumbsup: She had never shot a shotgun before. On her last round w/ a 20 ga. i think she broke 8 targets. (NOt bad for a beginner) :toofunny:
Aww that looks like fun. BigCountryKS why didn't you take me to the shooting range?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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