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Motorized Foam Decoy Info

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EDIT NOTE: Input from another site indicates that it's a Herter's Millennium that someone welded the attachment bar to the integral keel bar ... so, yes, it is homemade.

Looking for info on a motorized decoy as shown in pics. Out of curiosity, I purchased this off of a local FB sales page. I've searched a few different waterfowling platforms and asked Uncle Google but I've only found a 10yr old eBay listing for a twin Mubachi S-1 powered decoy. The link back to eBay would not load the listing ... likely too old. Web searches for the motor indicate early 70s production but they still come up for "new old stock" sales so they must have made a gazillion of them. The decoy is Styrofoam with an image overlay wrapped around the body and a plastic head. Anybody got any info or idea on this? I know folks can do some clean work when tinkering and modifying but is this factory? Thanks, in advance, for your time and attention. rb

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