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Mouth calls

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I pulled out an old Denny Gulvas mouth call that I bought about 12 yrs ago, but never used. I seem to get little more than unturkeylike squeals from it. :oops: Can any of youns help? :help:
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Just like a duck call, practice practice, practice. Make sure that it's in the right way first, some have a right and wrong side. Then keep it pressed up against the roof of your mouth, and blow short clucks to get started.
if it was me, i would be talking to gahunter :mrgreen: he limited out really fast :yes: He sounds like he has his act together.
Keep up with the practice & you will find your own style. I use a mouth call about 70% time when I am hunting. DON'T GIVE UP!!! :salude:
I have been using the same diaphram for 12 years. Just find one that you can blow well and practice, practice, practice. Buy a selection of calls from different manufacturers and with different reed cuts and numbers and figure out which ones work best for you. My favorite is a Knight and Hale youth call with 3 reeds and a cut reed. With it I can make very soft clucks and purrs and yelps which are great when a bird is in close. Just find one that you are comfortable with and practice to get better and build your confidence. :thumbsup:
I use the Quakerboy green 4 pack. I don't mind them....the doube reed gives awesome sound and the jagged ridge gives awesome raspy sounds....but I mostly use calls by Knight & Hale! Their calls are always good! :yes:
Yeah I use mostly Quaker Boy & H.S. I tried Kight & Hale but could not find anything that I liked. I like a few of the Lohman calls to.
Thanks, gentlemen. gahunter-my Walmart has 'em on sale. I think I'll take a look after work. Season isn't over; most of the folks around here say that it gets better as time goes. Thank you.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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