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moving to MO?

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I know this is not directly related to duck hunting but figured this was the best spot to post it. The company I am currently interning for in NC has several locations, one is in St. Joseph Missouri. They are interested in hiring me but have not come out with an offer yet. They would like for me to work at the St. Joseph location if I will move when I graduate. I don't think I would mind giving up NC duck hunting for MO duck hunting. But there is more to it than duck hunting, what is it like on a day to day basis living out there, I know there are big differences between the two locations and was hoping for some first hand experience from you guys. What do you like/dislike about the area, etc. Thanks.
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I love living in Missouri. Have not lived anywhere else. First thing you will miss is probably the beaches. Aint any beaches or oceans within a 10 hr radius. I dont know where you have lived but most of missouri is farming except KC area and St louis area. St Joe. is a big farming community lots of cattle auctions and stuff. North of St. Joe is Bob Brown and Nodaway Valley where i do some of my hunting at. These are awsome places to hunt at for being conservation dept. run. All the guys up there are really nice and helpful. St. Joe would be a convient place to live for hunting those areas. They are under an hour driving distance. The nice side about living in St. Joe is that is is about 30-40 minutes away from KC so its kinda close to the city which can be nice. Another thing you will like about missouri is the gas prices. They are the lowest in the country. We have the lowest gas tax of all 50 states. The other day I paid 3.74 for a gallon. A lot better than 4+ dollars on the east coast. I would suggest before you make any big decision to come out here and test it out, see how you like it. Good luck with finding a job!
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