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moving to MO?

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I know this is not directly related to duck hunting but figured this was the best spot to post it. The company I am currently interning for in NC has several locations, one is in St. Joseph Missouri. They are interested in hiring me but have not come out with an offer yet. They would like for me to work at the St. Joseph location if I will move when I graduate. I don't think I would mind giving up NC duck hunting for MO duck hunting. But there is more to it than duck hunting, what is it like on a day to day basis living out there, I know there are big differences between the two locations and was hoping for some first hand experience from you guys. What do you like/dislike about the area, etc. Thanks.
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I can't speak for St. Joe but I live in rural MO and I wouldn't have it any other way. I know everyone in the town that I live in and if you are going to have children that will help you sleep at night.

As far as the duck hunting, St. Joe would be an awesome place to live. Like MO Waterfowl said Bob Brown and Nodaway valley are great public areas, but also in the Mound City area there are some private duck clubs that you should check into. In my opinion MO is fast becoming one of the top duck hunting states. With the WRP program and MDC's efforts to properly maintain the states public wetlands, we are holding alot of ducks that used to head to AR, LA, TX, etc. Also if you want to snow goose hunt in the spring I don't think there is any place better.
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