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I agree with the other two posts in that there has to be someting more to the story. A dog that has hunted willingly for that long dosen't usually just sull up and quit unless something traumatic has taken place. First I wouldn't force the dog to do anything for awhile. Do the Vet check thing make sure nothings hurting him but just lay off him for awhile. Then if you have other buddies with retrievers ask them if they wouldn't mind having their dogs handel some retrieves while you keep your dog at heel or on his lead but where he can see the other dog retreiving. If he starts showing interest you can proceed from there but keep it very light more in the play than work mode. Beleive it or not the only work my dog gets in the off season is when he can con me into throwing this old ratty tennis ball he carries around constantly. Good luck, I hope you work it out
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