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Hello everyone,

I recieved my grandfather's 12 gauge shotgun a few years ago as a gift. It is an old 30" double-barreled side-by-side, the markings on it are all in french, and I am guessing that the model is "Brevete S.C(or maybe O).D.G.", although I am not sure.

Anyways, I used it for duck hunting the first season that I had it, and then it was put away in storage for the past four or five years. I pulled it out last year and it was still in good condition, there was a little rust on the barrel, but nothing major. So I took it out to my friend's farm a couple times for some early morning duck hunting in the rain. I stupidly never cleaned it after using it in the rain, and put it back into storage. Now about a year later the little rust on the barrel has turned into a lot of rust.

My gun cleaning kit has rust preventive oil, but it does nothing to clean rust that is already there. I was hoping that some shotgun gurus could give me some advice and tips on how to remove rust. What have you found to be the best step-by-step technique for removing it? I have done some research online, but all I can find are "miracle" rust remover products. I have a feeling that I would get much better information from someone who has actually fired a gun than a salesman.

So thank you in advance for the advice. I can't wait for the next hunting season to start, and I wan't to be sure that my gun is functioning properly.


P.S. I found these markings hidden on my barrel when I took my shotgun apart... does anyone know they mean?

and driectly below that is...

Any ideas? Thanks again.
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