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Need some Outdoors Women help on this one.

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Hope I am not breaking the rules but here goes. My wife and I have talked much about hunting. She has gone as far as taking the state required hunting classes and tests and has her "blue card". She enjoys the fact that I love hunting and go often and spend many hours and $$ doing it. My question is this. How do I get her to go with me? I have asked and she states she needs practice but everytime I go practice and invite her she says that she is embarased and does not want people to watch her learn to shoot a shotgun. I have offered to take her out in the desert, just us, but she is still hesitant and embarased.

Any ladies in Utah want to teach another one to shoot a shotgun?

I already have both my daughters very interested and going in the right direction so it is not a "cant find a sitter" type of deal. Any input or help would be great.
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I'm glad you posted this, as I too am having the same problem, she likes to shoot, but not when others are around, and she shows intrest in waterfowl hunting but I can't get her to practice, I get the same senario as you do, The only thing I can think of is to find another female who is an avid shooter and get them to spend time together......but that in itself is a problem as i don't know any other women who like to hunt! :toofunny: So ladys, whats your point of view??????? -Chris
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