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Need some truck info

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All the chevy vs ford vs dodge stuff aside, what do you guys think of a dodge 1500 with the V8...not the hemi. Reason I'm asking is I'm about to buy one, saw a great deal on it , it's a 4-door, short box, good suspenssion lift with some 33's or bigger ) floor-board and tires come up to my hip and I'm 6ft tall. It's a gorgeous truck, badass and all, it's got 49k on it and dealer is asking 11,000 for it. Oh, it's a 2002. One thing that is bothering me is that the check engine light is said service checked it out and it's an o2 senson reading that he says is common on lifted trucks cause all the air that flows under em. Yea, sounds like BS to me, but it comes with a warranty and all, whatcha think? The light is the only thing that bugs me, any of you guys have this happen when lifting a truck, the light come on for some BS reason???? Info is appreciated
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he is definitely handing you a line. i had a lift on a chevy and never had that problem. i believe the o2 sensors are used to monitor the oxygen content in the exhaust after combustion occurs in the engine. this sensor allows the computer to regulate what the oxygen/fuel ratio is going into the motor. the o2 sensor may be the cause of the service engine soon light, but for 11k he can replace that and it should fix the problem. if the sensor is detecting too much air from the lift, then the exhaust system has a leak or hole in it which he would definitely need to repair/replace. i wouldn't even consider purchasing the truck until he fixed that issue. assuming he does, and it's a 4x4 (why else would it have big tires and a lift) with even the small v8 (4.7 vs 5.9) that is a good price. almost too good if you ask me because that is less than trade-in ( i would be very cautious and even ask to test drive it to another dodge dealer and have their service guys check it out. tell him, you will foot the bill if you don't buy, if you do buy then he has to absorb it. this may sound like a waste of money but trust me when i tell you that his "warranty" won't even begin to cover the cost involved if that light is from something else. (computers can be upwards $1500 easy in newer model trucks.) it'll be the best $50-$100 you ever spent. if he won't agree he is telling you everything you need to know, i say walk away...

note: don't let him tell you he can't do that either. you'd be surprised what a dealer will let you do if it means selling that vehicle. don't budge.

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Yep, that sounds like a line of crap to me. Why would an internal sensor be affected by a lift kit? That is stupid. This reminds me on an episode of the Simpsons when Homer was looking at buying a new car. A "mob" assassin took a few shots at Homer and hit the hood of the car he was next to. When Homer noticed the holes he asked the car salesman what they where, and the salesman said "ahhh... those are speed holes."

shrpshtr is right about what he said. Be assertive. Don't let them push you around. When I found rust on the hood (of all places) (internal rust, slighty bubbling the paint, no reason for that on something that new) 2000 Ferd exploder my wife just bought, we took it back to the dealer and told them to fix it. He tried to explain the reasons for it. I told them I did not care what the reason was...we wanted it fixed.

He hemhawed around aboud how they would have to send it out to reshoot the paint and made it sound like it was more of a pain in the azz than it was worth. I told him to fix it and call Ford about reimbursement of his costs. It is getting fixed.

Anyway I would not drive that thing off the lot without that truck being fixed. I would tell him the lift-kit excuse thing is a bunch of garbage, and walk away. (if he chased me down I would ask for $3000 off the asking price for me to buy it now) See how he acts. If he can't be strait with you...screw him. Buying a car is a game. Call the bluff even if there is none. They make cars and trucks everyday...they are not in short supply.
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Does the truck have an aftermarket exhaust on it? If it does, that could be the reason for the light. Especially if the catalytic converter has been cut off. This causes the check engine light to come on and stay on. It has happened to all my friends trucks that have cut their converters off. If this is the reason, you don't really have anything to worry about. There isn't any performance loss or anything like that. It could also have an exhaust leak. I'd definately test drive it and have it checked out before buying.
The one time I was going to buy a used car from a dealer, I insisted on taking it to a mechanic I trusted to have it checked out at my expense. The dealer fought it hard, but I insisted, and found some interesting things.

1. There had been a fire under the hood, which had been repaired and repainted. This wasn't a problem, but it was good to know.
2. The brakes were not legal for sale in California due to excessive wear, and they had falsified the records (either to hide the problem, or because they never checked).

I *highly* recommend having your own mechanic take a look at it. You won't regret it.
Shocktroop, I know I like Chevys, but I put that aside, but Dodges have a big transmission problem, I would be really careful if I was going to buy a dodge because in a couple of years you can look forward to getting a new transmission :thumbsdown:
I test drove it for quite awhile, the thing ****s and gets, runs like a top, no clatter, knocking or anything to mention. I used to turn wrenches a while ago but the newer technology has me stumped. The thing looks clean in and out. You can see that someone used it for it's intended purpose, but doesn't seem abused at all. Just that damn engine light glowing at me............
Aftermarket exhaust can cause O2 sensors to go hay wire. I have a buddy who drives a mustang with mac exhaust and his light is always on and the code that comes up is the 02 sensor.

I'm with mallard. TRANSMISSIONS are expensive and Dodge's are not good in this area. I know of three guys with Dodge trucks who have had transmissions rebuilt on trucks with under 100,000 miles. Also one of them blew the rear end out. I have heard other horror stories about dodge trucks.

Buying a truck with a lift on it already is also little scary. Who knows what that trucks been through. I know if I had a truck set up for it, it would be four wheelin.

Dodges scare me! :eek:
canadagoose said:
I *highly* recommend having your own mechanic take a look at it. You won't regret it.
That is very sage advice IMHO. :thumbsup:
Shocktroop...check your spelling....I think you mean "Shifts" not that other word.
The more I read your typo the more I laugh....Sorry. :laughing:
Snafu518 said:
Shocktroop...check your spelling....I think you mean "Shifts" not that other word.

That isn't a spelling Error........

He Spelled it Correctly.......

Means, it has the Balls to MOVE!

Bunch of us use to use that saying when I was younger.

****s and Gets.......Got the Balls to Do just about Everything........HAS POWER! :thumbsup:
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mallardhunter said:
Shocktroop, I know I like Chevys, but I put that aside, but Dodges have a big transmission problem, I would be really careful if I was going to buy a dodge because in a couple of years you can look forward to getting a new transmission :thumbsdown:
I use to Work for a Company here in Central PA that Rebuilt the Computers for MOPAR.

It isn't the Transmissions, it is the Computer that Runs the Transmissions!

A buddy of mine, just had his Van Looked at and the Mechanic told him he needed a New Transmission. I told him to have the Mechanic check the Computer out! He did, it wasn't the Transmission, it was the Computer. Cost him ALOT Less to replace the Computer then it did to Replace a Transmission!

I have Said, from working for this Company, If I ever Buy a Dodge again, I'll DEMAND 2 of Every Computer that is in the Vehicle be given to me to keep So if I need to replace them, I have them!

I'll never Trust a Computer in a MOPAR Ever again!
Never heard the term before. Sorry. But that was not the point.
My spelling was corect. Sorry if I offended any of you folks. OK, took it to my mechanic....code turned up it was the fan motor relay. Checked the fuse box, blown fuse for the fan motor thats on the AC unit. Spent 1.58 for a box of fuses, problem fixed, code cleared, no more codes, no more engine lights. Cool. Had the mechanic check it over for about 45 min or so. The lift he says appears to be new, new fresh polyurethane bushings all around...fresh brakes, power-train checks out fine with him. called the dealer and asked him who had it before and he gives me the guys number. I call the guy....he owns a body shop in town, said he sold it for a new toy, going to beef up a jeep. Says he used it for mudding of course, but well maintained and he has all the records for it, lift is less than a year old and wasn't used for much before that other than a daily driver. So I think I'm gonna get it, all seems ok. I was worried some spoiled 18y/o kid had it and beat the crap out of it, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Got an extended dealers warranty with it also for 4 years 48K miles more. It's ballsy truck though.
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I was not offended....I just did not want anybody else to be. That was all.
Man...if you like the truck that much, hell, get it. I don't blame you one bit.
I hope it works out for you.
Sounds like a good deal and it looks like you did your homework. Only one thing left to do ........Post up a pick of the truck sitting in your driveway!! :salude:
tell you what if you want to buy a new FORD i will give you a employee discount go to the dealer and ask them for "X PLAN" pricing if you like the price email me at [email protected] with a contact number and i will give you a pin number i have six of the x plans that i can give out to friends anyone else that reads this if your looking your welcome to email me also
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